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Portinari and children: playful learning activity and narratives in the teaching of Arts

The rereading of works of art strengthening in children their language development, narrative creations, and social-historical identity formation. The goal of this project is to contribute to the Elementary School students, so that they can have a complete playful learning activity, interdisciplinary, that involves reading, storytelling and, as the backbone, they know the Brazilian painter and visual artist Cândido Portinari. There are discussions about the role of the art like a knowledge object, where the students dialogue with the artists; and also about the history of Brazilian education, concerning the Renewed and Contemporaneous school.  It is plain to see that, in the face of the social distance, the proposals were drawn up to be implemented in non formal education fields, that’s why the digital information, communication and media technologies were discussed, and also there are guidelines in order to have distance interventions, outside the school environment. The project brings instructions to realize an activity named “Once upon a time Candinho…”, that offers a recreational and a meaningful learning. There are suggested videos, texts, works of art and methods to stimulate the storytelling; it’s a compilation that seeks a nice interaction between parents and children. It was conducted five activities and the results showed efficiency of the collaborators and a student’s active involvement. 

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